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The core aim and idea of the StratMoS project is to promote and facilitate shift of cargo from road to seabased intermodal transport, and improve accessibility within the North Sea Region by supporting the implementation of Motorway of the Sea (MoS) and related transport networks in an integrated logistical chain.

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Short videos:
  For further description of the work done in the work packages and demonstration projects, please look into the pages below (left), as each work package and demonstration projects have their own infopages.  Also, to make the presentations more interesting, 7 groups have made short videos! You will find them in the infopages of: WP A,  WP B,  WPC,  DP1,  DP3b, DP3d and DP5. 




FINAL CONFERENCE 7 - 8. Sep. 2011
On the 7 September we had a Final Conference in Brussels. To find out more about the content of the conference, please look up the TEASER and the  PROGRAMME  (updated 05SEp 2011).  

There were a number of interesting presentations from both project members and invited speakers.  You may find all presentations in Work package A, in the file section on the right hand side.  Or you can click   HERE...    tototo  to find them.  

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